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Welcome to TriSwim

TriSwim provides stunning open water venues throughout the South East for open water swimming whether for a casual swim, or for competitive training. We combine our venues with providing expert multi-discipline coaching to ensure you improve yourself as an athlete, as a Triathlete, as a swimmer, and your health and well-being within a supportive and friendly community.

Swimming in open water can be a daunting prospect for anyone, TriSwim and its expert coaches and safety staff aim to encourage, teach and support you as you explore the open water environment and enjoy the experience that only swimming in beautiful venues of open water can give you.

We provide a platform and coaching guidance to encourage all levels and ages of swimmer, athlete and Triathlete to improve themselves ready for their next big challenge, race or achievement.

Everyone is welcome at our venues, and we actively encourage juniors from age 7/8+ to join us in the open water environment. TriSwim has created a ‘swimming pool’ environment for the open water, we provide; monthly microbiology testing approved by the British Bathing Directive and publish the results at our lakes so you can be assured you are swimming in clean, safe water. We also provide a full team of kayak and land based life responders and first aiders, individual changing tents at lake-side, clothes and bag storage, towel and shoe storage by the water, wetsuit and swim accessory hire, discounted purchase of wetsuits and swim accessories, and free refreshments. We also have expert open water and triathlon coaches on site who will happily swim with you and offer free advice and coaching tips for anyone who is feeling nervous or overwhelmed.

We regularly organise group swimming courses for juniors and adults new to open water swimming, and will provide everyone who completes the course a ‘Level 1’ Introduction to Open Water Swimming Certification. You don’t need to explore the open water environment on your own!

TriSwim works with the RLSS (Royal Lifesaving Society), NOWCA (National Open Water Coaching Association), BTF (British Triathlon Federation) and the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) to re-define the standards of open water swimming, and ensure it is accessible, enjoyed by all levels and ages of swimmer, and above all, provide the highest end of safety, experience and controlled swimming to ensure the well-being of our swimmers and athletes.

We operate our lakes with the NOWCA electronic safety band. The NOWCA band will scan you onto site, and also into the water – meaning our staff is aware of who is in the water at all times. The band also contains any relevant medical information (such as history of stroke, epilepsy, heart problems, allergies) so that we may offer closer safety cover, and be able to treat any conditions appropriately in the event of emergency. We have added our own ‘motion’ sensor that will activate when you are in the water, and will ping an emergency response to our safety team if you are stationary in the water for 30 seconds – you may just be having a rest, but you can be assured our safety team will be vigilant.
After your swim, the NOWCA band will email you a summary of your swim such as distance and time swimming, stroke count, and calories burned – very useful for those training for events, or for those monitoring exercise levels.