Swim for £6

There is no need to book to enjoy an open water swim with TriSwim. Simply turn up on the day and pay as you go!

Come and experience open water swimming at our stunning lake locations. You can join us for a casual swim or for competitive training. Our expert coaches are there to encourage, teach and support you. We have expert open water and triathlon coaches on site who will happily swim with you and offer free advice and coaching tips for anyone who is feeling nervous or overwhelmed.

We provide individual changing tents at lake-side, clothes and bag storage, towel and shoe storage by the water, wetsuit and swim accessory hire and discounted purchase of wetsuits and swim accessories from our exclusive partner Blueseventy.

Additional requirements:

To swim at Hever Castle you will need to purchase a NOWCA safety band and Hever Castle swim membership. You can purchase these directly at the lake by cash or debit card. You can also purchase your swim membership from our website here if you prefer.

To swim at Honnington Farm you must hold an annual NOWCA membership. You can purchase this from the link on our prices page.

To swim at Haysden Lake, all non 7oaks Triathlon Club members must purchase a 7oaks Triathlon swim membership, as well as a NOWCA Safety band. Proof of your membership to 7Oaks Triathlon Club or your 7oaks swim membership will be required before entry is allowed into the water. These can be purchased from our website here.

Safety guidelines:

Please familiarise yourself with our safety guidelines.

No need to book:

Remember there is no need to book in advance or pay upfront to come and enjoy a fantastic open water swimming experience with TriSwim. Simply pop along on the day and pay £6 to swim.