Swim Smooth Kent Squad

Who are Swim Smooth?

Swim Smooth is the world’s leading swimming coaching company, giving you practical straightforward steps to start improving your swimming today.

We promise you:

  • Simple and straightforward coaching to make you a faster and more efficient swimmer.
  • A truly individual approach focused on your individual needs.
  • Amazingly effective results for all levels of swimmer from beginner to elite competitor.
  • A system used by hundreds of thousands of swimmers and coaches around the world.
  • Whether you’re a beginner learning freestyle, an intermediate swimmer working on improving your speed or an elite athlete looking to dominate the field.
  • If you’ve tried to improve your swimming before but failed, you’re in the right place.

Swim Smooth’s over-riding goal is to raise the standard of swimming coaching and the level of knowledge available to amateur swimmers and triathletes around the world. Here at Swim Smooth we just say: ‘The World Needs Better Swimming‘.

Swim Smooth’s coaching philosophy is…

…for individuals

We don’t coach a ‘One Way Only’ approach to swimming. Your ideal stroke technique is different from another person’s. We identify your individual needs and how best to develop and improve your stroke to suit you. We will do this for you whatever your experience, whatever your skill level, whatever your body type.

…technique and training

We believe that technique stroke work is very important to your swim speed. But we also believe that most swimmers need to include fitness training to improve. Why? It’s a harsh reality. If you only work on technique you’ll improve but then hit a plateau. The swimmers who keep improving and become faster and faster strike the right balance of fitness and technique training.

Is our Squad for you?

You may have seen imitation squads claiming to coach to the ‘Swim Smooth Methodology’, but no one can coach Swim Smooth squads like a REAL Swim Smooth coach!

Our squad is inclusive, friendly, supportive – and most importantly – the REAL deal!

We train:

Sunday evenings at Sevenoaks Leisure Centre 8pm – 9pm


Thursday evenings through summer at Honnington Farm Lake 6.30pm – 8pm

*More sessions launching soon!

To find out more and book your space please visit: Squads