Swim Smooth with TriSwim

TriSwim understands that everyone has different abilities, goals and time commitments when it comes to training, and therefore a ‘one size fits all’ approach to coaching is never going to be successful.

Applying industry-leading Swim Smooth methodology, TriSwim has a range of coaches of varying styles and backgrounds, but all with the same ethos at the crux of our beliefs; that your training and experience with your coach should be enjoyable, progressive, and informative.

Open Water…

We ensure the highest standards of safety, coaching and on-site facilities – attracting open water swimmers through reassurance of the quality of service they expect to experience. Our lakes are all British Bathing Directive accredited.

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Weald Place pool

Pool coaching…

We are proud to bring Weald Place Pool to our repertoire. Weald Place Pool offers private swimming set in the heart of Sevenoaks Weald.

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Junior Academy…

Our junior academy, TriSwim Stars is accredited by the ASA ‘Learn to Swim’ framework ad covers all ages and abilities of children.

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Adult swim coaching, tailored to you.

We teach our adult swimmers using Swim Smooth’s unique and industry-leading coaching techniques and standards. This means that our coaches build a profile of your swimming abilities and design a training method completely tailored to you, your style, and your goals. We routinely film dry and submerged video for cutting-edge data analysis of your swimming style, enabling us to design competitive coaching sets customised to your profile. We offer the infamous Swim Smooth video analysis sessions that are informative, supportive, and are incomparable to any video analysis session you may have taken in the past. We also design VO2 and Lactate Building sets to improve your respiratory and cardiovascular strength, muscle strength and lean muscle efficiency.


We were you.

Our coaches collectively have over 40 years’ experience in triathlon, competitive swimming at National level and swimming coaching. This means that, as athletes ourselves, we are able to understand you as an athlete, both in mind and in body. We draw upon our own successes and experiences in top-level sport and combine it with our scientific and academic backgrounds in top competitive coaching – with us, you’ll get the very best from your training because we have been through the training ourselves!


Supporting you with science.

We believe that our knowledge of sporting bio-mechanics allows us to look at a swimmer individually and understand what their body and mind requires in order to improve. Our coaches will look at your stroke and apply the science-backed approach from Swim Smooth to identify areas within your stroke that require improvement, and target the areas that will help you make the biggest improvements. Our approach hits at the very heart of technique, and you can be assured that this approach has seen swimmers improve in the quickest and most efficient manner around. There is a reason that Swim Smooth coaching is the very best in the world.


Clearly better, by being clear.

We also believe that swimming can be a very technical sport; sometimes swimming advice is confusing or, too often, full of conflicting information.

Perhaps, in the past, a coach has asked you to swim in a certain style or to swim a drill that you feel has had little or even no relevance to you. Maybe a coach might have asked you to swim a set that you were sure was too easy or hard for your ability, without having explained why. Sometimes, poor coaches may not even know why they have asked you to swim in a certain style, because it’s just the ‘way’ they have been told to coach in that swim school.

We couldn’t disagree with this approach more, and this is why our coaches will always discuss and explain WHY we are asking you to swim in a certain style, WHY we have asked you to swim a drill, and HOW it will help you improve.

The most successful swimmers are the ones who can trust their coaches completely, and we know that this trust can only come from the assurance that you are being guided in the right way for you. For that, we need you to work with us and understand how and why your programme is working for you.


Swimming packages that streamline costs.

We have designed a range of swimming packages which we feel offers fantastic value for money, whilst building a firm foundation to help you move forwards as a swimmer, whatever your ability. Buying into a swimming package with TriSwim means that you have no long-term commitments, nor the unnecessary cost of paying for a coach you may not need or want. And, of course, after your package has ended, we will provide you with copies of your video analysis and relevant drills and swim sets to move forwards with in your own time. We welcome our clients’ feedback at every stage, and whilst there is no pressure to rebook, the majority of our clients do.

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Video Analysis – The Swim Smooth Way!

Stuck on a plateau with your swimming? Too many things going around your head when you swim? We will show you very clearly what you are doing wrong and exactly how to improve your stroke using all of Swim Smooth’s cutting edge methods. It’s a revelation for your swimming!

One Very High Quality Session

Swim Smooth don’t believe stroke correction should involve visiting a coach for 6, 8 or 10 sessions. Our process is of such highly quality and so focused on your individual needs that a single session with a follow up 4-8 weeks later is enough to transform your swimming. How do we do this?

– Firstly we use real swimming pools, not endless pools which are very turbulent and buffet you as you swim. A real pool environment means we can correct your stroke much more quickly and accurately.- Then we film you using an extremely high quality HD camera from above and below the water from the side, in front, overhead and any other angle required. The camera angles are not fixed so if we need a close-up of a particular area of your stroke we will easily shoot it.

– We then get you out of the water to look through your footage on the computer. This whole analysis is recorded for you – including all your raw footage, our assessment of it, comparison with elite swimmers and key animations. This process takes around thirty minutes and we can’t expect you to remember every detail so the recording (including our voices and conversation) is perfect for you to watch back as often as you like in the comfort of your own home.

– During the analysis we will dig into Swim Smooth’s unique tools, animations and elite video archive to really highlight how your own stroke compares in key areas for improvement. These visualisations of good stroke technique are so important, especially if you are a visual learner.

– After the analysis we will have you jump back in the water for the second half of your session: the stroke correction session. Using exactly what we saw on the computer this session is completely tailored to your individual needs as a swimmer. Swim Smooth are famous for their individual approach to stroke correction (‘coaching the swimmer not the stroke’) and this is another reason why our methods are so powerful (and fast!).

– The combination of you understanding your current swimming from the video analysis and using all of Swim Smooth’s coaching methods to correct and refine your stroke technique we will rapidly improve your speed, efficiency, relaxation and confidence in the water.

– But we’re not quite finished there! At the end of your session you will receive a training plan to take away with you, tailored to your individual needs as a swimmer. This includes reminders of all the drills you performed during your stroke correction session and also training sessions to follow specific to your individual needs. Everything you need to transform your swimming!

Follow Up Sessions

Depending on your progress and how you feel, you can arrange a follow up session with us normally 4-8 weeks after your initial session. We’ll normally film you again and brush up on some areas to improve on.

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