TriSwim Stars

Junior Academy


TriSwim also runs an award-winning junior academy, ‘TriSwim Stars’.

‘TriSwim Stars’ is accredited by the ASA ‘Learn to Swim’ framework and covers all ages and abilities of children. Here, because children are children, not mini-adults, we run things a little differently. Everything is tailored to the way we know children learn best.


In the water, where swimming teachers should be.

At the centre of what we do is this; we put ourselves in the water with the children. We believe that being in the water with them, face-to-face, immediately calms children and makes them feel more respected and involved in the teaching of their lessons. At TriSwim venues, you will never see a swimming teacher shouting down at children from the poolside, nor watch them throwing floats at a child from a distance.

We are right there, with them. We believe that we must respect our children and their developmental needs by teaching them in a calm, direct way. At TriSwim, we encourage swimming through play, trust and a simple enjoyment of the water.


Do as I do; let me show you how.

At TriSwim, we also recognise that just children are very visual beings and auditory learners and so will learn much quicker if they are SHOWN how to perform a skill in the water by their teacher. We teach them at eye-level and we share their space in the water, allowing them to copy us the way they copy you on dry land. And, as well as being in the water with the children, our coaches also use the gentle ‘manual manipulation’ techniques of Steven Shaw to help the children FEEL the water and develop technique in the correct way, right from the start.

We do not believe in pushing children to ‘travel’ 5, 10, 25 meters in the water badly. Rather, we show children how to be relaxed in the pool. We show them how to float, streamline, propel, rotate, submerge and control the water through correct technique. Distance should go hand-in-hand with the progression of these skills, and at TriSwim, we’ve seen the success of this approach over more ‘traditional’ teaching techniques elsewhere. Our children learn to swim quickly and confidently because they understand swim technique and because they enjoy moving through water with grace and ease. Children look forward to their lessons with us, and we enjoy watching them thrive as they progress.


You can choose to swim a full 12 week term, or opt to swim a shorter and more intensive 6 week term.

Time table:
Mondays between 3.30pm-6pm
Tuesdays between 3.30pm-6pm
Wednesdays between 3.30pm-6pm
Thursdays between 3.30pm-6pm
Fridays between 3.30pm-6pm

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