If you are new to open water swimming, whether it be from the perspective of a training triathlete, an outdoor enthusiast, or even from the eyes of a competent and strong swimmer, the best and safest way to enjoy the benefits of open water swimming is by exploring your local options to find a well-managed open water swimming venue. 

Well-managed open water swimming venues will offer you the peace of mind that your overall safety is being managed by a team of qualified open water lifeguards as well as taking all-important water microbiology water testing, giving you peace of mind that there is nothing nasty lurking in the water which may make you unwell. 

Venues will take the time to ensure that all entry and exit points are clear of anything hidden under the water which may cut you, cause injury or cause you to slip and fall. There can often be hidden or submerged dangers under the water that cannot be seen from the surface, even in shallow water and your venue will work hard to ensure that any dangers have been removed. 

Often, managed open water venues will offer you a safety briefing when you first come along to swim, making you aware of all the lake safety protocols, emergency meeting points and highlighting any potentially tricky areas to avoid (such as submerged weeds or sharp rocks), leaving you safe to enjoy your swim without any worry. 

In this article, we talk about why you should join open water swimming and what the benefits are.