Swim Coaching

We offer a range of coaching sessions for all abilities

Supporting you with science

Our coaches will look at your stroke and apply the science-backed approach from Swim Smooth to identify areas within your stroke that require improvement, and target the areas that will help you make the biggest improvements. Our approach hits at the very heart of technique, and you can be assured that this approach has seen swimmers improve in the quickest and most efficient manner around.

Clearly better, by being clear

Perhaps, in the past, a coach has asked you to swim in a certain style or to swim a drill that you feel has had little or even no relevance to you. Maybe a coach might have asked you to swim a set that you were sure was too easy or hard for your ability, without having explained why. Sometimes, poor coaches may not even know why they have asked you to swim in a certain style, because it’s just the ‘way’ they have been told to coach in that swim school.

We couldn’t disagree with this approach more, and this is why our coaches will always discuss and explain WHY we are asking you to swim in a certain style, WHY we have asked you to swim a drill, and HOW it will help you improve.


The most successful swimmers are the ones who can trust their coaches completely, and we know that this trust can only come from the assurance that you are being guided in the right way for you.

You will be coached using easy to follow methods, in addition to our expert pool coaching, we are available to you throughout the entirety of your swim course. We will provide you with lots of swimming information to help you become an all-round better swimmer, which includes:

  • CSS data to help you control your pacing skills
  • Ramp test data to help you understand your individual stroke rate
  • Threshold and endurance testing data to help you understand your aerobic and anaerobic drop-off rates
  • A tailored swim plan centred around the individual athlete
  • HR monitoring using Training Peaks
  • Swim Smooth fact sheets and data not available on the internet
  • Guidance on wetsuits from our partners, Huub
  • Guidance on swim equipment, and which equipment will best suit you.
  • Regular contact between you and your coach


Just you, and us

You will be coached at our private and exclusive facility in the heart of Weald, Kent. Our private indoor 25m heated swimming pool is reserved entirely for you to be coached in – no noisy swimming pool or distracting on-lookers will disturb your time with us on poolside.

If you have your own pool facility you would like to be coached at, please contact us for prices and availability.

Coaching packages that streamline costs

We have a range of coaching packages available for every budget, goal and time-poor athlete.

Packages range in price from £30 – £800

Please contact us to help you find the right package for you.

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