Triswim Partners

Element Karbon & TriSwim: Swimming in Sync

TriSwim is proud to partner with Element Karbon, renowned for its uniquely patterned activewear and the iconic EKOSY┬« changing robe. This robe isn’t just about keeping warm; it’s an emblem of the vibrant open water swimming community, with bright, bold patterns that echo our shared passion for aquatic adventures. Dive in with TriSwim and stand out with Element Karbon’s unmatched flair.

Tri Wetsuit Hire: Dive into the Perfect Fit

TriSwim proudly partners with Tri Wetsuit Hire, the one-stop destination for all your aquatic needs. From children to plus sizes, their expansive range guarantees the perfect fit for everyone. They also offer a diverse fleet of iSUP Boards, iKayaks, and essential accessories, all available for convenient nationwide delivery. Experience the comfort of the perfect fit and the joy of sustainable choices with Tri Wetsuit Hire.

Dippy & Wild Floats

Embrace the waters with TriSwim’s trusted partner, Dippy & Wild Floats. Not just another float, Dippy offers a funky 28L cammo pattern that doubles as a dry bag, ensuring your essentials like keys and cash stay dry. With its dual air chambers, Dippy promises that added layer of security. The Wild float showcases a vibrant dual colour design with a single chamber. Beyond style, safety is paramount. Both floats are crafted from robust premium nylon PVC, featuring built-in whistles and adjustable waist belts.

Elevate Your Well-being

Dive deep into a holistic journey with our partner. Explore a myriad of classes, events, and services tailored for the entire family. Through the end of 2023, sign up for a complimentary membership and immerse yourself in a sanctuary dedicated to mindfulness, growth, and overall well-being. Choose to nurture every aspect of yourself, from the inside out.