Our Squad is here to help

Whether you are a confident and skilled swimmer, or someone who is looking to get started – our Swim Smooth squad is here to help you.

Perhaps you are someone who has attended our coaching packages and is looking to continue improving in a structured environment, or someone who is re-exploring swimming after a long break, whatever your level or experience, our expert coaching as a certified Swim Smooth squad will help you swim comfortably, efficiently and speedily!

We are the real deal!

TriSwim Squad is not like other swimming or triathlon clubs, our philosophy here at TriSwim is that swimming should be for everyone, of any level, of any background, with any goal in mind.

You are not just a number to us, you are part of our swimming family.

We have a friendly, positive and encouraging atmosphere that you will be welcomed to from the outset. As part of a certified Swim Smooth squad, you will receive the world’s BEST freestyle coaching safely reassured that your coach has undergone Swim Smooth’s rigorous vetting and certification process.

You will be kept informed of your technical improvements, CSS times, stroke rates, and be provided with coaching tailored to you; the individual athlete.

Our Triswim Squad has helped create and develop IM Kona qualifiers, AG Sprint world champions, AG Aquathlon entrants and developed Iron Man distance athletes from scratch. We are the people to join if you aspire for a podium!

We are more than a squad, we are a Swim Smooth Squad.


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