The Swim Together Membership

£90.00 / year

TriSwim is all about community and shared experiences, so we know that sometimes you like to swim together with your friends as a group – so this membership is for you!

Welcome to the world of open water swimming. Are you ready to dive in?

The Swim Together membership is ideal for those of you looking to swim regularly at TriSwim's safe and supported open water venues with a small group of friends or family members (over the age of 16) for up to 4 people. You can rest easy knowing that we are keeping you safe.

Sometimes, it can be easier to come along to open water swimming with friends, and this membership has been designed just for that purpose! Swimming together with friends is a wonderful shared experience, increasing motivation and building life-long memories together with your loved ones.

What does your membership give you?

  • Discounted swim entry to £9, saving you £3.50 per visit!
  • Discounted membership from Solo membership, saving each of you 17.50 per year.
  • Access to our library of swimming plans for developing speed, technique and endurance, for beginners up to Channel swimmers!
  • Access to our open water swimming session plans, helping you improve confidence, skill and overall speed and technique in open water.
  • Access to our library of technique drill videos, helping you improve your overall technique.
  • Access to our nutrition plan designed by Olympic PhD nutritionist, Dr Shane Nugent.
  • Access to our partner discounts, including Love Holidays, TriWetsuitHire, Element Karbon and many more!
  • Be first in line to access our specialist events with discounted early bird offers.


Your membership is a yearly subscription which you can opt out of and cancel auto renewing from your account at any time. Once purchased, your membership is automatic and stored on our database - you can purchase a swim ticket as soon as membership is purchased.

You will find the discounted swim price (£9) for members only only AFTER you have purchased a membership.

In order to set up your Swim Together membership, please enter the details of the lead swimmer into the system when ordering, then email us at with the details of the other swimmers so that we can set up their membership manually.

Please note that the lead swimmer will pay for the membership.


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