Why did TriSwim begin “TriSwim Escapes”?

Last year, we had the incredible opportunity to embark on a remarkable new journey called TriSwim Escapes. You might think it’s just another typical corporate adventure holiday package solely focused on making profits like the rest. But let me assure you, the story behind the birth of TriSwim Escapes goes beyond mere financial motives…

The journey of TriSwim Escapes began with Cristiano, an Italian triathlete and nature enthusiast, who approached us with a vision close to his heart. Inspired by his love for his region, Cristiano wanted to share its beauty with visitors and guide them through its wonders.

Cristiano’s desire to work with TriSwim was fueled by the challenges faced by many regions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. He saw an opportunity to revitalise his home and collaborate with TriSwim to bring his dream to life.

As a sportsman and lover of everything outdoors, Cristiano wanted to create an activity holiday where the guides and coaches are all local sports enthusiasts – the kind of people who would know where to take you off the beaten track and take in every sight, smell, and wonder of the local landscapes; be it on foot, on wheels, in the water, or simply sitting and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

With the support of his friends who own local vineyards, family-run restaurants and bars, and family-owned hotels, Cristiano approached TriSwim with the idea of collaboratively encouraging people to visit and explore the offerings of this remarkable region in Italy.

So off TriSwim travelled to meet Cristiano and explore this region that he talked so highly about. From the moment we stepped off the plane, nothing was too much trouble for him. Cristiano met us with smiles and an embracing hug, and we were immediately whisked off and introduced to anyone and everyone who loved the region as much as Cristiano did.

We instantly felt like we were one of the family, and the locals’ gratefulness for our visit made us feel like we were doing something fundamentally good for the people of the region.

We fell in love with Rieti, and we fell in love with Cristiano and his family immediately. In a nutshell, TriSwim Escapes is designed and created to support the region’s locals, whom we are inviting you to visit.

From start to finish, it benefits the local economy and independent businesses. Because of this, Cristiano and his friends ensure that every aspect of your holiday is luxurious and enjoyable and meets every need and desire you have – it’s their passion.

TriSwim and Cristiano’s company, Outdoor Adventures, have managed to encapsulate everything that TriSwim stands for and placed it in the heart of Italy.

You can join us for two fantastic holidays running in 2024. In May 2024, we will visit Cristiano’s hometown, Rieti, 60 minutes from Rome, in the stunning Umbria landscapes of snow-capped mountains, Roman ruins, volcanic lakes, and rolling vineyards. Cristiano and I will guide you on a swim, bike, and run adventure like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Mixed with this will be an authentic Italian cooking pasta-making class that you will then sit down to eat and enjoy, coffee bean roasting and tasting using local coffee beans, wine tasting, and a vineyard tour, which our good friend owns, and of course, plenty of time for R&R in your own, luxurious borgo (a small, intimate medieval village – turned hotel complex).

In September 2024, Cristiano and I will take you to stunning Tuscany. Here, we will swim and swim some more while occasionally stopping to eat local pastries and drink coffee. We want to keep this trip intimate and unique by inviting only a small group.

We will be staying at a small, luxurious hotel set just 50 meters from the lapping waves on the small island of Isola del Giglio.

We will swim in crystal blue waters and explore hidden coves, islands, and Roman ruins – always ensuring you swim safely and at a pace and distance that suits you.

We will also offer meditation, hill running, and a private sunset dining experience on our private beach. All our holidays are all-inclusive.

We have everything you need covered, from when you land at the airport to when you take off again.