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TriSwim pool coaching is held in our private and exclusive indoor swimming facility in Sevenoaks Weald and every session lasts 60 minutes.

We coach all of our lessons on a 1 to 1 basis so that you can benefit from a quiet, calm and supportive learning environment without the fear of being watched or being overwhelmed with pool noise from other users.
We use a traditional 25m swimming pool rather than a counter-flow pool as we believe seeing you swim in the environment you will train in regularly is the most productive way to learn and develop.

We use the latest coach to swimmer head-sets so that we can correct your swimming in real-time and help you pick up on bad habits the moment they begin to show themselves.

All of our coaching is based around the principles of athlete-led and democratic-style coaching, which is highly expressive and works by inspiring you through visualizations and creativity in coaching, drawing upon vast amounts of teaching and coaching methods, bio-mechanics and sport psychology as well as means tested approaches. You may have heard of coaching that is "my way or the high way" and we couldn't disagree with this more - coaching should be a mixture of feedback and analysis, understanding, support and encouragement. Our aim is to really get to know you, how you work and make sure that we are always pushing you in the right way at the right time.

All pool based sessions are held by Swim Smooth certified, international Olympic technique coach, Laura Ansell.

Our ultimate 10 session package is the most highly bespoke swimming plan you can get and should be carefully considered before purchasing.
Our 10 session plan includes;
Video analysis at the beginning and end of your plan to show you the improvements you have made along your journey, as well as providing you with an additional 12 month swim plan to use after your sessions have finished.
- Weekly training support using Training Peaks and Garmin analytics to provide you with bespoke weekly training plans which will target your improvements. We do not use a 'one size fits all" training plan and we tailor each swim session to you.
- Direct line to your coach, so you can check in and discuss issues on a daily basis.
- You can use your 10 sessions in the pool or open water.

All sessions are held on Monday and Fridays between 5pm - 9.30pm, but if you require a different time, please email us on info@triswim.org.uk to enquire. Once you have purchased your package, we will send you a calendar to be able to book your sessions in at a time and day suitable to you.

All coaching packages have a 12 month validity period.

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