Introductions to cold water




Welcome to our friendly and supportive introductions to cold open water swimming (autumn and winter 2021/2022! This is the perfect course for beginners looking to explore the wonders of open water swimming and aims to teach you key skills as well as offer confidence as you explore.
Over the course of the hour, your coach will talk to you about the safety aspects of swimming outdoors, as well as wetsuit/equipment needed to enjoy cold open water swimming.
Your coach will then invite you into the water to practice cold water submersions, breathing control and relaxation techniques so you can truly enjoy your experience.
We will also teach you basic open water skills of navigation, sighting, turning buoys, drafting and how you can be best prepared for warming up after a swim.
We only allow a maximum of 6 participants per course to ensure that we can fully tailor your session to your individual needs.

All our coaches are trained to BTF Triathlon level 2 with open water coaching, or STA/British Swimming level 2 open water coaching standards.


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