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We have a venue for you, whether you are looking for a casual open water venue in which to enjoy natural recreational swimming, or whether you require a competitive training venue to help improve your athletic performance. Everyone, of all ages and swim levels, is welcome at our venues. We can provide both the platform and the guidance to enable each and every person to work towards and achieve their swimming goals, whatever those might be. As Kent’s only Certified Swim Smooth centre, we are the best in the industry to help you towards your swimming goals.

Our aim is simple

Our overall aim is to empower you to explore the pool and open water environment and enjoy the experience that only swimming in beautiful open water can provide.
This said, starting to swim in open water can be a daunting prospect for anyone new to it. TriSwim’s expert Swim Smooth background and safety staff encourage, teach and support every swimmer, so that apprehension can quickly become confidence.

Our Locations

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What to expect

Below we talk a little bit about what to expect and what to know for your open water swims


We always recommend turning up in your swim stuff under your clothes, and if comfy to do so, put the lower part of your wetsuit on at home. This way, all you will need to do is put your arms in and zip up when you arrive.

A great idea is to bring flipflops, for the walk between the lake and the changing room.


As soon as you come out of the water, you’ll want to get out of your wet clothes as soon as possible in order to stay warm, so it’s important to bring layers that are easy to get on.

It’s always worth bringing extra clothing just in case. Bobble hats, gloves and thick socks are also a good idea. The changing rooms, showers and lockers are available for use.

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